DIY Carpet Cleaning Guide: How To Remove Coffee, Tea And Other Drink Stains

Let’s face it, carpeting is expensive and as much as we try to take all the necessary precautions in order to protect our carpets, mishaps still do happen. Our carpets and rugs seem to always attract all kinds of stains. From the regular morning cups of coffee and tea to red wine and juice, spills tend to happen when we are sipping on our favorite drinks. Ensuring that our carpets don’t lose their beautiful appearance is definitely a major challenge for most homeowners.

Carpet stains can be a headache. When these spills happen, if they are not properly treated at the moment, they can bring about bigger challenges. Fortunately, there are many effective carpet cleaning solutions that you can easily make with ingredients commonly found at home. That’s right, you can get rid of even some of the toughest stains without requiring expensive sprays and solvents from the store. Whether it is a red wine stain, coffee stain, juice stain or any other drink, there is a homemade solution for every stain.

Due to the rising concern about the levels of chemicals found in commercial cleaning products, an increasing number of people are choosing to use homemade carpet cleaners. These chemicals have been found to be a hazard to health and the environment.

Having numerous specialty cleaning products not only takes up cabinet space but also purchasing them is expensive. Possessing a little DIY carpet cleaning knowledge offers you numerous benefits. It is worth noting that the homemade cleaning solutions are just as effective as the commercial carpet cleaners but less expensive. Most of these solutions are usable on both natural fiber and synthetic carpets.

Therefore, the next time you or a household member spills their drink on the carpet and there isn’t a stain remover in the house, you won’t have to worry as the following solutions will prove to be very useful.

Club Soda

Club soda is very effective in removing different types of tough stains. Whether it is coffee, tea, juice or red wine stains, you can use club soda to get rid of these stains. It is worth noting that club soda is also effective in getting rid of urine stains. However, it is worth noting that it most effective when the stain is fresh. All you have to do is to blot the excess liquid and then soak up the spot with club soda and blot again. You can repeat this process until the stain has been cleared completely.


It might catch you by surprise, but beer can be used to remove different types of carpet stains. All you have to do is pour a little amount of beer on the stain and rub the beer gently. This should be effective in getting rid of coffee and tea stains.

Vinegar Solutions

Vinegar is known to be one of the best stain removal solvent. It is also very effective in general cleaning. When cleaning coffee and tea stains, all you have to do is mix white vinegar with an equal amount of water and then gently rub the solution into the carpet and then blot.

When cleaning juice and red wine stains, you’ll require to mix laundry detergent, white vinegar, and water in the following ratio; 1:1.5:2. Just like cleaning coffee and tea stains, you should rub the solution gently on the spot and then blot.

Vinegar can also be combined with other ingredients such as borax and cornstarch to get rid of other types of stains.

Shaving Cream

Shaving cream is very effective in getting rid of juice stains. What’s more, it can also be used to get rid of grease and oil stains. In order to get rid of juice stains, you need to first blot the spot, wet it with some water and then squirt some shaving cream, and finally wipe the spot with a wet cloth.


Red wine is one of the most stubborn carpet stains. However, if you accidentally pour some red wine, then you shouldn’t have to worry as you can easily get rid if it. As it is still wet, you should pour some white wine in order to dilute the color. Then using a soft cloth and some cold water, wipe off the spot. After this step, pour a teaspoonful of salt on that spot and then wait for about 15 minutes, and then vacuum the area. This procedure should be effective in getting rid of the red wine stain. However, remember that you need to do this as the spill is still fresh.

Call A Professional Carpet Cleaning Company

There are some carpet and rug stains that even after our best efforts are very stubborn to get rid off. If even after trying the above procedures and none of them avails you a solution, then it is time to call in a professional. Maybe companies will give you a free carpet cleaning quote. So why not at least see what it’s going to cost you. As they have the necessary expertise and equipment to get rid of all types of carpet stains.

Different Methods to Clean Your Carpets

Most households have carpet in at least one room. Often times carpet can get dirty easily between shoes, pets and accidental spills. There are multiple methods of cleaning carpet that are used, some in conjunction with one another to insure a deep clean and to remove stains.


The first and most practical method of cleaning carpet is vacuuming. Vacuuming is often needed before any other forms of cleaning can happen. Vacuuming picks up large pieces of dirt and dust and often can help in making the carpet look much cleaner. There are two main forms of vacuuming, suction and brush. Suction works solely on air being sucked into the vacuum along with dirt, while brushing works but cleaning the surface with a rotating brush while also sucking in dirt. Most households have a vacuum and a majority of dirty and normal debris can be picked up with the vacuum, but more severe stains require more cleaning methods.

Spot Removal

Another popular form of carpet cleaning is spot cleaning. This is done with a cloth and some form of cleaning solution. This is useful for small spots where dirt or liquid only damages a small portion of the carpet. Spot cleaning is generally done by hand and is used for liquid stains and small dirt spots.  Here is a look at removing stains from carpet.

Steam Cleaning

The next form of carpet cleaning is steam cleaning, and is the most popular form of cleaning when cleaning large areas that are soiled by dirt or grime. This is done by utilizing a steam machine, that is generally used by a professional carpet cleaning experts that heats up water along with a cleaning solution. This solution is pressurized and sprayed onto the carpet and then sucked up. This heat and liquid process is often the most effective as it cleans large areas quickly and also allows for even deep cleaning. This method requires vacuuming beforehand because loose dirt and debris can damage the steam cleaner.

Whether vacuum cleaning, spot cleaning or steam cleaning the most important aspect to remember is to not let stains or dirt remain on the carpet. The longer the dirt or debris is allowed to stay the harder the stain will be to remove. Lighter carpets will retain stains more so than darker carpets, while deeper pile carpets will hide dirt more than short pile. All methods will assist with cleaning carpet but understanding the type of stain and the length of time that has passed will dictate what form or forms of cleaning will be required.

Benefits of Green Carpet Cleaning

There are more and more people that are opting for greener alternatives when it comes to cleaning products and that includes carpet cleaning.  The benefits of green carpet cleaning are numerous, here are some of them.

Biodegradable Materials

One of the biggest reasons that people opt for green carpet cleaning is because the materials that are used in cleaning are biodegradable and are safe for the environment.  Biodegradable means that the compounds break down quickly and won’t damage any of the living organisms in the area.  Aside from the environment you can rest assured that the cleaning products are non-toxic and safe for your children and your pets.

Easy Clean-Up

Most eco-friendly cleaning methods use less water.  Less water means that there is less moisture in the carpet and it dries quicker.  If you have wool rugs, less water means less shrinkage in the rug and the backing doesn’t tear.  Quicker drying also means there is less chance of getting mold in the carpet while at the same time all of the dust and debris is still removed from your carpets without any of the chemicals that many carpet cleaning companies still use.

Keeps Your Carpets in Pristine Condition

“One of the reasons that you got your carpets cleaned in the first place is to help them to last longer, especially expensive wool or silk rugs.  Green carpet cleaning can be used safely on all types of carpets.  It doesn’t matter the material that the rug is made from, green cleaning won’t damage the fibers of your carpets, the backing won’t rip and you get the best clean for your money.” – This tip was brought to you by

It’s Affordable

It is no more expensive to use green cleaners than it is to use harsh chemicals. Many people choose traditional carpet cleaning services because they assume that it is cheaper but you can have clean carpets while simultaneously doing your part for the environment.  Green cleaning uses less water and better detergents to prolong the life of your carpets.

Many of the carpet cleaning products aren’t safe for your pets or children, they contain harsh chemicals and allergens that can be dangerous.  Green cleaning is meant to keep your rugs clean without any potential health hazards or damage to the environment.

If you think that green carpet cleaning is less effective than traditional carpet cleaning that is completely untrue.  Try it and see the difference, your carpet will be every bit as clean the only difference is that you won’t be doing any damage to the planet.  If you have the chance, then choose green.

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